WordPress – The Best CMS for Websites

Wordpress is best cms

In the age of globalization and web, any business, small or big needs to have web presence to flourish and expand in the market. As now consumers like to do online shopping rather than visiting stores. They also spend a lot of time online searching information and to connect with friends and family. Moreover, the word of mouth promotions are now being done by social media sites where people spend a lot of time.

So, your company website is the window for your products and services. It reflects the brand value and commitment. And also give a first impression of your brand to the customers. Therefore, you can take a chance with the website design and performance. Everything, about your website needs to be perfect and top-notch. You need a good and user-friendly platform to design your website. These platforms are called CMS, expanded as content management system. Though there are many CMS currently available, there are only few that provide a glitch free environment for website designing. WordPress is one of them, and the reason why it is the best CMS is given below. Read on to know more!

An Open Source

It is an open source platform which means that it is available for free. So, you don’t have to care about the budget when you are opting for WordPress. Even there are no hidden charges associated with the use of the CMS.

User Friendly                      

WordPress is extremely easy to use and understand by even naïve users. If you are using any other CMS and want to switch over to WordPress then it is also easy to do. The customization is simple and straight and can be done without an expert’s help. The interface is also easy to use and simple. You will get used to the functions in no time.


Posting, editing and maintaining content in WordPress is very easy and uncomplicated like no other CMS. WordPress allows you to view the website preview of the content before you post them online. It further allows you set different users like writer, editors and others who can access the content whenever they want.


WordPress offers a wide variety of customization options. You get the option to choose from a large number of themes and plug-ins. WordPress is such a versatile CMS that you get everything here. You think of any options you have it, it is that simple with WordPress. Designers have an option to choose from the numerous WordPress plug-ins.

Best Blogging Platform

WordPress is considered as the best blogging platform. It was initially introduced as a blogging platform only.  But gradually with the additions of more features and functions, it becomes the best choice for website designing as well. You can’t get anything better than this for blogging. It offers features like classifications, comments, labels, gadgets, controls, gravatar, themes, anti-spam management and wonderful controls.

Mobile Friendly  

Wordpress Mobile Responsive Friendly Website

Today, most of the customers use mobile to browse any website on the go. So, it is important to make your website user-friendly otherwise you will lose your valuable customers. If you are using WordPress CMS to build your website then you don’t have to worry as it is mobile friendly. The WordPress platform is responsive, mobile friendly and compatible with many devices.

Social Media Platform

wordpress social media support integration

Today, Google is not the only source of traffic to your websites. Though Google is the most popular search engine, nowadays lots of traffic is pulled by the social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. The more people share and like your page in the social media platform, the more chance of your website getting popular as well as rank better in the search engines like Google.

Therefore, it is kind of mandatory to integrate the social media sites in your websites. And in this also, WordPress will not make you upset. WrodPress offers many solutions like Jetpack sharing, SumoMe, and others.

WordPress Community

WordPress has a large and active community that helps you anytime whenever you stuck with using it. It has a huge base of users and thus the community is formed. There is a special support forum where you will find many people who will answer your queries. So if you are using WordPress than you are not alone. Rather you have a lot of co-users to help you out.


Wordpress Security

Security is one thing that every website is concern of. And why not! You need to be extra careful as there are many hackers lingering around. Your website contains important company information should not go wrong hands.

You would be carefree if you are using WordPress to build your website as it provides a top-notch security. The WordPress team ensures best security like no other CMS. WordPress offer variety of security plugins that you can choose from.

Build Quick Loading Sites

Website loading speed is very important to make it running and successful. If your website is slow and takes more loading time then viewers lose patience and leave the website which a negative thing for the website. Moreover, Google also consider the loading of a website to rank it especially the mobile sites. The performance and quality of the site is determined by the loading time.

Building a website on WordPress would ensure that it is fast and simple. But if you pick high-quality theme then ensures that you use good hosting. However, using the regular theme of the WordPress will not give any issue.

SEO Plugins 

SEO Friendly WordPress CMS

The WordPress platform is not only rich in themes but also plugins that help you to enhance the SEO performance of your website. You get a lot of options for plugins in WordPress platform. Some of them are Yoast SEO and All-in-One SEO. There are many more plugins to help you.

The plugins help by improving the area of WordPress SEO. For instance, the Yoast SEO gives you detailed information to improve the on-page SEO for a given content. It also offers SEO copywriting tips.